Through education and awareness, the It’s Up to Us bulletin offers mental health related information, resources, ways to get involved and also how to stay informed.

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Edition 40 - Shine a Light On: Social Media, Mental Health, and You

Edition 39 - Shine a Light On: Understanding Mental Health Challenges for LGBTQ+ Individuals

Edition 38 - Normalizing Conversations About Mental Health and Substance Use

Edition 37 - Understanding Mental Health, Drug, or Alcohol-Related Crisis

Edition 35 - Prioritizing Mental Health in the "Next Normal"

Edition 34 - Frontline Workers' Behavioral Health

Edition 33 - Protecting Your Mental Health During the Holidays

Edition 32 - How Drinking Alcohol Can Impact Your Mental Health

Edition 31 - Readjusting During Challenging Times: Tips to Take a Mindful Pause

Edition 30 - Community Care & Support During COVID-19: Tips to Take a "Mindful" Pause

Edition 29 - Tips to Take a "Mindful Pause"

Edition 28 - Read Up: Loneliness and Your Health

Edition 27 - Keeping Our Loved Ones Safe: Restricting Access to Lethal Means Can Save Lives

Edition 26 - Shine a Light on Suicide Prevention: Why the Loss of Stars We Admire Hurts So Much

Edition 25 - When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Mood?

Edition 24 - When the External Becomes Internal: Community Stress and Our Mental Health

Edition 23 - Don't Drive Like My Brother

Edition 22 - Mixed Up About Rx?

Edition 21 - Depression Shouldn't Dim the Golden Years

Edition 20 - Live Well San Diego Encourages Us to Be Our Best, Healthiest Selves

Edition 19 - Not Just Back-to-School, but Well-to-School

Edition 18 - Unleash the Picasso Within and Benefit Your Emotional Health

Edition 17 - The Tipping Point - Are You Enjoying a Drink or Needing a Drink?

Edition 16 - When It Comes to Matters of Mental Health, Culture Counts!

Edition 15 - Lights, Camera, Action: Media Can Help Shape a Positive Image for Mental Illness

Edition 14 - The Bully Factor - Play It Safe

Edition 13 - Know the Signs, Find the Words and Reach Out!

Edition 12 - Creating Intergenerational Connections - Good for Our Mental Health and Our Community

Edition 11 - Creating Caring Congregations

Edition 10 - Eight Resolutions for the New Year and All Year Long

Edition 9 - Happy Together? Or is Your Relationship Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health?

Edition 8 - What Causes Mental Illness?

Edition 7 - Stress - Once a Life Saver, Now a Serious Threat to Our Health

Edition 6 - San Diego News Anchor Shares Her Story of Recovery from Mental Illness

Edition 5 - For Men Only (and those that love them) - Maintaing a Healthy Body and Mind

Edition 4 - Students' Mental Health - Hectic Lifestyle Can Threaten Students' Mental Health

Edition 3 - Suicide is Preventable. Do You Know How?

Edition 2 - Liven Up Your Health: Essentials for a Healthy Mind & Body

Edition 1 - Read Up: Learn More About Mental Illness - Is Your Teen Moody or Depressed?